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Davidson Berquist Jackson & Gowdey LLP
   Full-Service Intellectual Property Firm Since 2003

"Our lawyers at Davidson Berquist Jackson + Gowdey LLP pride themselves on providing the kind of legal representation they would want for themselves: creative, aggressive, and determined."

J. Scott Davidson

Awarded for exceptional work for Fortune 500 clients

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DBJG lawyers have litigated across the United States,at the US Patent Office, and the US International Trade Commission


DBJG lawyers are known and respected for their development and implementation of legal strategies designed to protect the business goals of their clients


For each client, DBJG lawyers bring their patent law expertise and litigation experience to ensure the highest-quality attorney work product


Our lawyers have 15+ years of experience with education in electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering


Unlike most other firms, DBJG lawyers working on your matter are primarily partners known for working cases themselves


DBJG lawyers provide hands-on attention to the merits of your matter, allowing them to quickly identify inefficiencies standing in the way positive results

Cases Handled
PTAB Trials
Federal  Cases
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Protect Your Investments

  • Obtain patent protection for your ideas
  • Secure trademarks for your products and services
  • Prevent others from copying your work
  • Maintain the secrets of your business
  • Defend your patents at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)
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Passionate About Intellectual Property Law 

DBJG was founded to create a law firm that directly matches what interests and drives its lawyers and their passions. Since conception, DBJG has built a well-deserved reputation for its strategic approach, relentless litigation, and ability to take cases to trial
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